At WWPS we believe that instilling the love of mathematics ensures that our students are prepared for their future. It is our core purpose to develop and enhance the capabilities and proficiencies of mathematical thinking for all of our students. 


Our focus in mathematics ensures that all students have access to mathematical ideas, knowledge and co

Maths at Warrnambool West PS

ncepts that can be applied as life long skills. The continuum of learning in mathematics at our school provides for the fundamentals of math and progressively adapts to more complex concepts and understandings. 


At WWPS, we engage our students to develop the understanding of the relationship between the 'why' and the 'how'. 


In Foundation to Year 2 mathematics is hands on. Students develop number sense and awareness, apply mathematical symbols and representations in authentic contexts along with solving and explaining problems. Our mathematicians have access to concrete materials to explore, reason and communicate their new knowledge and ideas.


In Years 3 to 6 the development of more complex mathematical skills, problem solving, reasoning and questioning are encouraged. Through the use of concrete materials and ICT, the mathematical proficiencies connect students to real life application and interpret and expand on new ideas and problems.


Our daily mathematics instruction is active and responsive to student needs. Curriculum requirements in Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probabilty are taught at point of need. Our whole school approach to mathematics include;


  • Warm up / Fluency games
  • Whole class explicit teaching
  • Small group focus
  • Independent application

Here at WWPS, our students are supported, challenged and immersed into the world of mathematics. 


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