Inquiry learning




At WWPS our students have the opportunity to demonstrate their critical and creative thinking skills with the world around them.


Our Inquiry units of learning are student centred to promote curiosity and provide students with the skills to pose questions, investigate, research and deepen their knowledge on the world around us.


Our students are initially posed with a 'Big Question' and are guided to apply themselves to explore further, create new questions, gain new skills and knowledge and share their understandings. 

When students are provided with opportunities to view the world, make relevant connections and enage in ethical, cultural, historical and social capablilities, they become independent learners who are able to resource, apply and be responsible for their own learning.  


Activiating student voice and agency is important to us at WWPS and preparing our students to be global citizens through inquiry provides our students with life long skills, perspective and capablilites. 





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