Specialist subjects


At WWPS, we offer a range of specialist subjects to suit all of our students' needs and expose them to experiences where they can express, explore and broaden themselves. Often integrated into our Inquiry Learning units, our specialist programs enhance classroom learning and add value to the rich curriculum provided at WWPS.



Covering biological, chemical, physical as well as Earth and Space sciences our Science program is dynamic, collaborative and exploratory. Students have a natural curiosity and applying this into the scientific context, they develop higher order thinking skills, questioning techniques and apply evidence based conclusions to the world around them. 


Visual Arts



From Foundation to Year 6, Visual Arts enables students to develop their creative and expressive capacities. Our Art program enriches students' understandings of multi-modal representations and materials and explore mediums and techniques for aesthetic and personal preferences. Students are encouraged to create work that communicates to others and to express themselves. Units of work are designed to capture celebrations, culture and traditions in an inclusive and resp

ectful manner. 



Our music program excites the imagination and encourages students to reach their expressive and creative potential through music. The instruments provided adds to the value and appreciation of music and develops students' skills and techniques.



Physical Education


All students are supported in developing the foundational skills to be lifelong active people. Our program encourages students to perform at their personal best and skill level and develop an appreciation of movement whether it is through formal technique or basic movement in outdoor recreation activity. Movement is powerful in any context and the health and well being of our students is fundamental when delivering our PE program.  


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