In 2016 Warrnambool West Primary School celebrated 50 years of providing quality education for students and their families Warrnambool and surrounding areas.


The original school site was opened in 1966. It was exciting times.  The classes were large as the enrolment was more than expected. The photo shows the first Prep grade.


At our 50th celebration last year a few ‘original’ students recalled playing in gravel and dirt as the oval wasn’t complete.  One of their favourite lunchtime ‘activities’ was collecting red back spiders!


In 1997 Dennington Primary School successfully merged with Warrnambool West Primary School.


Warrnambool West Primary School has had many changes over the past 50 years.  As we enter our 51st year we continue to provide the most appropriate education and supportive environment for all students and families.


We look forward to the years ahead and to ‘Sailing Towards Success’.


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