Welcome to Warrnambool West Primary School

Warrnambool West Primary School is situated in the seaside town of Warrnambool in south-western Victoria. Our school is part of the Warrnambool Network of Schools.

Within this network, staff at our school are involved in a range of functional teams that focus on sharing best practice in relationship to school management, teaching and learning, school well-being and educational provision.

At present we have an enrolment of 131 students.  We value the individual and to us, each student is much more than simply a ‘number’ or another ‘name on a list’.  Being a ‘smaller’ school we create a positive sense of community and proactive learning amongst our students, staff and parents.

We are constantly looking at ways to improve what we do and how we do it.  Our staff are committed to ongoing professional development to ensure that they are current with the latest in educational trends and developments.

Our grounds and classrooms are bright, open, spacious and very resourced. Our staff go to great lengths to ensure that each classroom is an inviting and suitable learning space for all  students.

Our priority is to ensure that all learners want to come to school, want to learn and experience success. We cater for all student needs-educational, physical, social and emotional.  Our Principal even conducts non-invasive, low key, ‘meet and greet’ home visits so that parents and students can discuss their needs and concerns in a sociable, informal manner.

Above all else, at Warrnambool West Primary School, your child will be valued!

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