School House Groups

All students are allocated a House Group when they start at Warrnambool West Primary School and remain in the same ‘house’ until they leave for Secondary School.


House groups provide another level of connection to the school and to fellow students.


Last year we are celebrated our 50th Anniversary and as part of our celebrations we officially gave each of our School Houses a name and an animal ‘mascot’.


Our House Groups names represent native animals and are in local Aboriginal dialect. Our Student Leaders chose our ‘new’ House Group names.  Without ‘adult influence’ the Student Leaders discussed and voted on the most suitable names.


We all are extremely proud of our new House names, what they represent and how they were chosen.   Each classroom has new posters and we have special flag banners to celebrate and recognise our new names.  These will be proudly on display in the MP room and used at school, inter-school and sporting events.


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